• How do I compost cat litter?

    How do I compost cat litter? Thank you for not just throwing your used Catit Go Natural! cat litter in the waste bin. Composting is by far the most eco-friendly way to dispose of your kitty’s used litter, and it isn’t hard at all! Simply read the instructions below, and you’re ready to go; Why […]

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  • Vesper Cabana, Cottage & Condo – No Tools Required!

    Let your cat relax to the max in our stylish Vesper lounge furniture! This furniture is easy to install without using any tools whatsoever, based on building techniques used for centuries in houses and log cabins. The result are comfortable and sturdy cat loungers that fit perfectly into any interior. Which piece of furniture is the [...] Continue Reading
  • Why does my cat need a slow feeder?

    Why does my cat need a slow feeder? Cats are natural-born hunters. In nature, they need to hunt down their prey in order to get hold of a delicious meal. Housecats, however, often have their food served to them on a silver platter. Do you want to change this habit? Special feeding bowls called “slow [...] Continue Reading
  • Tabby kitten licking a frozen Catit Creamy Keep your cat cool during summer

    Looking for ways to keep your cat cool? While we can strip down to shorts and a tank top during the hot summer weather, our beloved felines have a warm, furry coat that they must wear all year ‘round. This can become a health issue in warm weather. Here are a few tips and tricks [...] Continue Reading
  • Help & Advice - Care Help, my cat is shedding!

    Help, my cat is shedding! Brace yourself: shedding season is coming! Soon, your home will be covered in cat hair as your cat exchanges its thick winter fur for a new, lighter coat. Keep on reading to find out why cats shed and what you can do to avoid having cat hair all over your [...] Continue Reading
  • Why do cats sleep so much Why do cats sleep so much?

    Why do cats sleep so much? Cats are curious creatures. They sleep for an average of 15 hours a day. Older cats can even sleep for up to 20 hours a day! This makes you wonder: why do cats sleep so much? Active in the dark Cats are crepuscular animals. This means that they are [...] Continue Reading
  • British shorthair cat surrounded by flowers Beautiful yet poisonous – 19 common plants and flowers to watch out for

    These 19 plants and flowers are popular decorations around the house and garden. But did you know they are actually poisonous to cats? Ingestion of (parts of ) the plant or flower can result in problems with the respiratory system, digestive tract, cardiac problems and even death. Be extremely careful with the following flowers and [...] Continue Reading
  • why you should get a drinking fountain 5 Reasons why your cat needs a drinking fountain

    Cats are notoriously picky drinkers Some only drink from their human’s glass of water, others refuse to drink from any vessel and meow until you turn on the tap. Have you ever thought about getting your cat a Catit drinking fountain? This is why you should: 1. Most cats don’t drink enough Did you know [...] Continue Reading
  • cat looking at scratched furniture 5 Ways to prevent your furniture from getting scratched

    Get your cat a vertical scratcher Some cats just love to stretch their entire body when scratching. For these cats, a tall vertical scratching surface is a must. The Vesper High Base and Vesper Box Large have an extra-long scratching pole while the Vesper Cubo Tower comes with a long and durable scratching mat attached [...] Continue Reading