Train like a ‘cathlete’ with the newest fitness trend inspired by cats’ pawesome agility

The Cathlete workout has been created by Catit cat experts and celeb personal trainer Heloise Nangle

Catit has launched Nuna, a new range of insect-based high-protein dry cat food that helps cats’ muscles, bones and joints stay in optimum order

After a year spent sedentary on the sofa, cat-loving Brits have never had so much time to wonder at the ‘pawsome’ athletic ability of their feline friends.

So Catit have teamed up with celebrity personal trainer Heloise Nangle to turn these months of observations into the latest fitness trend that will transform sedentary Brits into fit, flexible and agile ‘Cathletes’ this summer.

The release of the first-feline inspired workout celebrates the launch of Catit Nuna, our insect-based high-protein food designed to keep cats fit, healthy and strong.

Heloise Nangle, head trainer at London’s uber-cool Core Collective explains the key movements:

Complete and balanced nutrition

Catit Nuna is our first insect-based cat food and is a scrumptious kibble containing up to 92% sustainable protein*. It’s combined with a small amount of delicious meat or fish so that your cat will instantly recognise the familiar taste and be able to smoothly transition to Catit Nuna.

To support your cat in their athletic daily adventures, we have developed Catit Nuna as complete and balanced nutrition, optimised for easy digestion and overall health support. Its high-quality ingredients benefit your cat’s vision and heart muscle function, promote a healthy skin and coat and help protect their muscles and bones in their active life.

insect-based cat food and is a scrumptious kibble containing up to 92% sustainable protein

There are two delicious flavours available for your feline friend: Real Chicken and Atlantic Herring, both are rich in healthy protein and include sustainably farmed insect larvae called Hermetia Illucens (also known as Black Soldier Fly larvae).

Catit Nuna is the result of our ambition to reduce the environmental impact of cat food production and to help reduce the carbon ‘pawprint’ of pet food. Unlike most other pet food packaging, Catit Nuna bags are made using low density polyethylene and can be easily recycled.

There are two delicious flavours available

*Out of total protein level. Catit Nuna chicken recipe is 88% sustainable protein and Catit Nuna Herring Recipe is 92% sustainable protein.