How do I compost cat litter?

How do I compost cat litter?

Thank you for not just throwing your used Catit Go Natural! cat litter in the waste bin. Composting is by far the most eco-friendly way to dispose of your kitty’s used litter, and it isn’t hard at all! Simply read the instructions below, and you’re ready to go;

Why compost litter instead of throwing it in the bin?

You might think that compostable litter would degrade in a bin just as well as it would in your garden or compost vat. Unfortunately, this isn’t remotely true. In order to biodegrade, any biomaterial needs oxygen and water. Compostable litter that is disposed of in a waste bin ends up in landfills, which are very tightly packed, contain barely any soil and very little oxygen. Due to these conditions, the litter will biodegrade extremely slowly. When composted, you can use the litter as fertiliser for your plants after only a few months, giving it a new purpose.

How to compost cat litter?

Below, you can find some simple steps to help you get started. Bear in mind that not all cat litters are compostable. However, all litters in our Go Natural! product line can be composted.

1) Add a layer of sawdust, soil or leaves at the bottom of your compost bin.
2) Add a layer of used cat litter
3) Cover the cat litter with a one-inch layer of sawdust, soil, or leaves.
4) Repeat this process and feel free to add other compostable materials such as fruit or vegetable waste.
5) Make sure to aerate your compost regularly.
6) After about 6 months to a year, your compost is ready for use on non-edible plants.

IMPORTANT: If you want to use your composted cat litter as a fertiliser for edible crops, leave cat waste to compost for at least 18 months to eliminate the risk of E. coli, tapeworm and toxoplasmosis contaminating your crops.