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Slow Cat Feeders

Explore slow feeders for cats at Catit. Here, you’re sure to find the perfect slow cat feeder for your needs, including treat puzzles to stimulate your cat.

If you’re looking for a slow feeding bowl you can control with app, the PIXI slow feeder for cats ensures they’re fed a portioned amount remotely, up to six meals a day. Buy now or browse more feeding accessories, including dishes, with express delivery options available.

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You’ll find slow feeder bowls and
other dishes in this range compatible with both wet and dry food. The Catit PIXI Smart Dry Food Feeder is remote controlled via the PIXI app, and it can
store and dispense around 1.2kg of dry cat food — that’s enough to feed an adult cat for 10–15 days! The PIXI Smart 6-Meal Feeder is also remote-controlled and can hold six portions of wet or dry food, using ice pack
technology to keep it fresh.

The Catit Play treat puzzle, multi-feeder
and the Catit Senses digger and food tree encourage your cat to hunt for food and treats, encouraging self-control when feeding and preventing binge eating. This way of interacting with their food can also help
to keep their minds active and instincts sharp.

At Catit, we design innovative products to help
improve the quality of life of modern cats. Buy a slow feeding bowl and more today, and be sure to browse our wide range of drinking fountains that can provide your cat with a constant source of fresh running water too.