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Cat Litter

At Catit, we have a range of cat litter available to buy online, including Go Natural wood pellet cat litter and cat litter made from pea husks. These materials are 100% natural, bio-degradable, and responsibly sourced, plus are dust-free, absorbent, and pleasant for your cat to use. Buy this clumping cat litter online today or browse our high-quality litter boxes and accessories to ensure your cat has everything they need to be comfortable.

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In this range of clumping cat litter,
you can choose between wood cat litter and
pea husk cat litter, as well as unscented and lavender-scented varieties. All our litter is chemical-free, and our wooden cat litter is made from FSC-certified wood. That means you’re getting both a sustainable and effective solution for your cat’s toilet when you buy from us.

Catit litter is also 99.9% dust-free with
a high absorbency rate, so your cat will find it comfortable to use with minimal tracking around your home. To further reduce dust from your cat’s
litter tray, we recommend our textured, easy-to-clean litter mats which can trap even fine particles.

If you’d like to browse our range of high-quality
litterboxes and accessories, you’ll find elegant litter solutions that have been designed with real cats in mind. This includes our odour reduction range, which can reduce strong scents and harmful gases in your cat’s litter box, as well as litterbox refills and

Buy Catit cat litter and much more at Catit today.