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Automatic Cat Feeders

Make mealtimes with your pet a breeze with our collection of automatic cat feeders here at Catit. These automatic feeders are designed to dispense dry or wet cat food at specified time intervals, so you can continue to feed your beloved pet when you're away from home or busy focussing on other tasks. Our automatic feeders include designs from our iconic Catit PIXI range, so browse the full collection to find complimentary smart products that will make your cat purr with joy.

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When it comes to automatic pet feeders, it's important to remember that not all feeders are suitable for all food types. Our Catit PIXI Smart Dry Food Feeders, available with and without a handy built-in camera, are designed to hold around 1.2kg of dry food in its practical upper compartment and can dispense the right amount at a predetermined time that is convenient for your cat.


If you’re looking for an automatic cat feeder for wet food, then you may be interested in our Catit PIXI Smart 6-Meal Feeder, which can serve up to six pre-portioned wet or dry food meals per day, whenever you need it to.


Our PIXI smart cat feeders can be controlled via the Catit app so you can check in on your cat's meals on your smartphone or tablet, making mealtimes easy. Automatic cat feeders also have the added benefit of preventing overfeeding, as your cat will be fed the right amount of food at each mealtime.


Shop the range of automatic cat food dispensers at Catit today or browse the rest of our feeders and dishes where you'll find a selection of cat bowls, slow feeders, and feeding accessories as well as replacement parts for our pet feeders.