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Cat Carriers

If you’re looking for a new cat carrier, you’ll find an impressive selection here at Catit. Our sturdy, high-quality Catit Cat Carriers are ideal for both travelling and short trips, with small and medium pet carriers available. So, whether you’re transporting one cat, two cats, or even very young cats and kittens, you can ensure your pet is comfortable and protected while on the move. There’s also our innovative Cabrio carriers, suitable for cats who aren’t keen on travelling. Shop now!

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The best pet carrier is one that has been designed with real cats in mind. Our range of durable cat carriers are tough enough for regular use while providing a variety of features for safer and more convenient travelling. We even have replacement parts for cat carriers to help extend the lifespan of your chosen box.

The Catit Cat Carrier is available in small and medium sizes to suit large and small pets while providing comfortable transportation, including a handy food and water dish and top-opening petting panel, so you can feed and check on your cat on the go.

For cats that don’t like our travelling, our innovative Cabrio carrier is the perfect solution, featuring roomy interiors with plenty of ventilation, a
see-through front window, and slide-in food dish that allows you to feed your cat without opening the door. The unique 360° accessible design and single-hand locking system make getting your cat in and out of the carrier a breeze for you both.

All of our cat box carriers, including the Catit Cabrio carrier, are available in three stylish colours, so you can easily identify your cat and even tell multiple pets apart.

If you’re planning on leaving your cat at home while you travel, you may be interested in our automatic feeders and PIXI design series, which includes feeders and a fountain that can be monitored and
controlled remotely via the PIXI app. Shop cat travel carriers and much more at Catit today.