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Cat Food

At Catit, we have nutritious and delicious cat food that they are sure to love. Whatever kind of food you’re looking for, we have options here to appeal to all tastes and budgets. Our wet cat food is hydrating and grain-free, and our dry cat food comprises of only natural ingredients with a high meat content. For special occasions, browse our range of cat treats. All our food is high-quality and filler free, so buy now.

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We already know that Catit food will impress you. Our wet foods include Catit Dinner which is designed to be a hydrating, high-protein, and vitamin-rich addition to your cat’s daily diet. Made up of two layers - a chicken or fish base with a variety of tasty toppings - these are purrfect for your cat’s evening meal. Our wet food options also include our luxurious Catit Cuisine selection, including tasty mousses and pâtés and hearty stews that even the fussiest of felines will love.

When it comes to dry cat food, we think you’ll be impressed with Catit Nuna, our kibble made from sustainable insect protein as well as chicken or herring. There’s also our Catit Recipes range, a 100% natural, complete dry cat food made using real high-quality animal protein that will have your cat purring with joy. Our Catit Recipes range is designed to meet all the nutritional needs of adult cats while also satisfying their taste buds, including an option that’s purrfect for indoor, sterilised, and less active cats.

Our cat food is ideal served in a cat bowl, and
our dry food can be served in a slow feeder or
one of our automatic feeders. Our wet food can also be served in our Catit PIXI Smart 6-Meal Feeder.

If you’re looking to aid digestion, you may also
be interested in our cat grass kits and planters. Buy high meat content cat food online for delivery to your door and browse even more great products at Catit today.