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Cat Grooming Sets

Here at Catit, shop our high-quality cat grooming tools. Grooming your cat with cat grooming brushes and combs can be a bonding activity for you both, and it allows you to check their health.

Regular grooming with a cat grooming kit can also reduce the risk of hairballs and keep pet hair around your home to a minimum, while cat self-groomers can encourage independent grooming. Buy grooming products here today.

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The cat grooming brushes in our specialist kits are a cat-tastic tool for brushing and collecting loose hairs from your cat, reducing shedding around your home.

The bristles can also help stimulate your
cat’s fur and skin, encouraging a healthy coat and preventing tangles and knots
from forming. Brushing your cat is also a way to bond and spend quality time

We have grooming brushes for both long and
short haired cats available in their respective cat grooming kits. Additionally, you’ll find cat grooming combs, nail clippers, and other grooming products that
can pamper your cat and keep them comfortable. We also have a self-groomer which can be attached to surfaces at your cat’s height to allow them to groom
with ease whenever they like. The self-groomer features an inner compartment where you can insert catnip, encouraging your feline friend to use it.

From nutritious food and treats to toys and scratchers
that encourage your cat to play, at Catit we have a wide range of products
designed to keep cats happy and healthy. Shop care accessories now
and place your order today.