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Wood Cat Litter

Discover wood cat litter, part of the Catit Go Natural range. Made from 100% natural components, this wood cat litter is a sustainable alternative to mineral litters, offering a safer, more planet-friendly way to 'go'. Our wood litter is also manufactured from sustainably managed forests using renewable energy and is completely biodegradable — it's the most eco-friendly cat litter yet!

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Our wood cat litter is a high-performing clumping litter that absorbs liquids and odours. This wood pellet cat litter offers a practically dust-free experience for easy clean-up and the same level of absorbency as our wood shavings. The clumping action of our cat litter wood pellets means you can easily scoop out any mess as you go, making spot-cleaning your cat's litter box an absolute breeze.

You'll also find our wood shavings cat litter which features high-absorbing litter granules that can absorb up to three times their weight and offer low tracking to keep your home clean. This wood cat litter is also available in a lavender-scent to further manage odours.

Wood-based cat litters aren't the only clumping options in our Go Natural range either, because we also offer a selection of pea husk litters, which are available in delicate lavender and vanilla scents.

Shop the range of wood cat litter here at Catit today and be sure to browse the rest of our litter accessories like our litter mats and scoops.