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Discover everything your cat needs for a happy life!

Visit our store

Discover everything your cat needs for a happy life!

Dry Food

Overly delicious dry food
made with the best ingredients.

Wet Food

Discover our selection of
premium-quality cat food.


Treat your cat like royalty with
our overly delicious cat treats.

Cat Litter

Minimal-dust clumping cat litter
with reduced tracking.

Drinking Fountains

Keep your cat happy and hydrated
with our drinking fountains.

Toys & Scratchers

Create the ultimate cat playground
with funny and creative Catit toys!


Discover our high-quality cat trees,
lounging spots and tunnels.

Slow Feeders & Dishes

From ergonomic slow feeders
to stylish stainless steel feeding dishes!

Waste Management

Check out our wide range of litter boxes,
litter mats and filter pads.


Everything you need to take
excellent care of your cat’s coat.

Cat Carriers

Take your cat anywhere in comfort and style
with our sturdy and comfortable cat carriers.

Replacement Parts

Need something replaced?
Find replacement parts here!

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