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SMART Technology

With a smart cat feeder from Catit, taking care of your cat when you're out and about has never been easier. Discover a collection of smart cat feeders, a camera, and even a smart drinking fountain, all of which can be controlled via your mobile device when you're away from home. Our collection includes stylish options from our PIXI design series that are adorable as well as high-tech.

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Whether you're heading into the office
every day or off for a long weekend away, a smart pet feeder is a nifty bit of kit that makes caring for your feline friend easy and stress-free. Our PIXI dry food feeder bowl can be programmed to dispense the right amount of food at exactly the right time. Meanwhile, the 6-meal feeder can serve up to six full meals of wet food, dry food, or treats at any time of day.

Also in our smart range is the smart
cat water fountain
which features a triple action filter and ergonomic
drinking options. With the PIXI smartphone app, you'll be alerted when the fountain needs your attention, such as when the water level is low, the filter needs changing, and more.

For total peace of mind, our cat camera lets you check in on your pets from wherever you are using the PIXI app. See what they're up to and even talk and listen to them directly from your mobile or tablet.

Shop the range of smart pet devices at Catit today. You may also be interested in the rest of our automatic cat feeders and water fountains.